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8. Gorisheno  
Скачать новые смс мужчине о поцелуе: http://smshollywood.narod.ru
Страна: Россия | Город: Серышево

7. John Vinchester  
The hotel is great with service and options for eating and even internet. It was close to town to walk around. They have friendly people who help with speaking English.
Страна: Norway

6. Vince & Jill G  
"We can not tell how much we enjoyed our stay here! The cottage was terrific and it felt so homey! It was super to be able to do laundry and have a kitchen. Even a dishwasher - what a treat! We will definitely be back to Kiev and will definitely stay here again."
Страна: USA | Город: Oregon

5. Dato Meladze  
"Three Reasons why I liked UAaparments:

1. They were so prompt in responses; you write them - they write you back almost immediately;
2. They've found me an excellent apartment, just like the one I was looking for;
3. They do things with a smile.

I've never written any testimonial before, it's just I had a great time in Kiev and UA apartments have played apart in it "

4. Lisa Stevens  
"I just wanted to say that I am very glad that I found your company. You are all very professional, when something goes wrong at an apartment you always have someone out to fix things very quickly, or when I am unable to get the internet to work you send someone to help within minutes. Your staff are so friendly and welcoming and the fact that you all remember my name is wonderful. Thank you for your fantastic service. I look forward to seeing you again in a couple of weeks."

3. Valintino Guxx  
I'm very glad to visit your hotel! Thank you! smile

2. Сергей Борисов  
Были в «Мечте»этой зимой, уютный номер, ненавязчивое, приятное обслуживание, отдельное спасибо шеф-повару ресторана украинской кухни, это что-то.
Страна: Украина | Город: Киев

1. P. Echternach  
I was very impressed with the professionalism of the service provided by the front desk personnel. When traveling to a foreign country, it is very reassuring to have capable and knowledgeable hotel administrative personnel available to meet your needs for information or special requests. This was certainly my experience with the Hotel staff. The room service was always prompt; the room was always prepared thoroughly and with consistent quality. The room was always too warm for comfort but that is to be expected with hot water heat. Overall “ Dream” is a great place for a person from any country to stay with confidence.


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